Replacement Parts

Shaft Lifting Device

A shaft lifting device allows you to safely lift one end of an RBC for bearing work, eliminating the need for a costly crane. Should a bearing journal require repair, RBC Services can put you in touch with an experienced firm to perform the repairs at your plant, in place, without having to remove the RBC from the tank.


RBC Services can provide replacement drive system reducers or the entire package.


Due to their high quality radial lip seals, our 5” MS Bearings require lubrication less often. Pillow block housings and insert cartridges are available as a complete assembly or as separate parts. The Expansion pillow block housing for the 5” MS Bearing is specially machined to accept a Load Cell Kit which allows you to monitor RBC weights for a more efficient operation. Replacement bearings are available with 3 to 7.5 inch bores.


Many RBC drives incorporate chains and sprockets. Our drive sprockets are made from high quality 1045 steel and incorporate hardened teeth with the hub and sprocket face machined from a single piece for extra strength. Our driven sprockets are made of high quality A36 steel and are flame cut for accuracy. They are also split for easy application. Chains are available in any size – riveted or cottered, in carbon steel or stainless steel. Replacement chain cases are also available, either as a complete unit or as separate top or bottom sections.